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Dad Forgives Pharmacist for Fatal Dosing Error

In my eight+ years of work within Sorry Works! I have met some truly amazing people....and Chris Jerry is on that list.  Chris lost his beautiful two-year old daughter, Emily, to a dosing error.  The supervising pharmacist was convicted and sent to jail...BUT Chris publicly forgave the pharmacist, Eric Cropp. Mr. Cropp apologized and he and Chris Jerry have done patient safety presentations together and continue to stay in contact.

This story is a GREAT example of the power of apology, and the healing and safety improvements that can come from honesty.  Chris is doing absolutely terrific work on patient safety.  Moreover, Chris Jerry speaks out against criminalization of medical errors.  Very powerful example for everyone.


I won't say anymore...Chris says it best.  Follow this link to the Discovery Channel video clip where Chris and Eric meet.  This link takes you to Chris' website.  This link is a sample of the media coverage surrounding Chris and his mission.  Finally, Chris always wants to keep the focus on his daughter, Emily...this link takes you to Emily's story which includes several pictures of her.