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Disclosure Training

Disclosure Training

Are you a risk manager who needs to talk through a case, or maybe you need guidance on your disclosure policy?  Maybe you're an attorney who is trying to advice a client on how to disclose, including what to say to the patient, resident, or family?  Perhaps you're a doctor trying to get disclosure started at your hospital and need some guidance?  Or maybe you’re an insurance executive trying to work with the local hospital and your insured docs? 

Whomever you are, whatever your situation, we can help.  Sorry Works! offers disclosure consulting for risk managers, attorneys, administrators, clinicians, and insurance executives.  We have worked all around the country teaching and training disclosure in countless let us help you by bringing our experiences and ideas to your situation.  We can help you talk through your case, your policy, or what is going on in your organization.  We love to discuss scenarios, kick around ideas, and help people - including YOU! - consider all your options and obligations to patients, families, and clinicians. Sorry Works! will help you be pro-active post- event!

To get your disclosure program really humming, you need in-depth training for the team of professionals who will administer the program.  Sorry Works! provides in-depth disclosure training, or train-the trainer, for acute and long-term care organizations.

These half day to full day programs provide a deeper look into disclosure, including videos, discussion of scenarios, and role playing.  Also, significant blocks of time are built into the schedule for extensive Q&A and sharing of stories from the audience. Train-the-trainers sessions are very interactive programs that truly help healthcare professionals embrace disclosure. Give us a call today at 618-559-8168 and we will craft a program that meets the needs of your organization and staff.

Finally, disclosure training seminars always qualify for CME, CEU, and CLE credits. 

For more information on disclosure training, either call 618-559-8168, e-mail, or complete the form below.