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I want to be your physician. I want to enter in a relationship with you built on trust and respect whereby we become teammates working together to improve your health. As your physician, I will always strive to provide you with the best care possible. I will always be an active listener so I can understand your health issues, and I will always provide treatments and recommendations that I believe are in your best interest. Furthermore, you are always welcome to obtain a second opinion, because I always want to make sure we are doing right by you. If you ever have a problem, question, or concern about me or anything that happens in this practice/hospital, I want you to return to me. My door is always open, and I also can always be reached by phone – here is my business card with my contact information. Whatever the question or concern, I will always listen, empathize, review what happened, and get back to you with answers and any fixes in a timely fashion. Please return to me if anything goes wrong in our relationship. I am committed to our relationship 100%, including those times you are angry with me.

As the patient, you must be equally committed to our relationship. Please keep your appointments with me, but, if you must cancel an appointment, please give my office staff as much advance warning as possible so we can give your time slot to another patient. Before arriving for a visit, please take time to consider and write down any questions or concerns so you can share them with me in an efficient manner. If you have an especially long list of questions/concerns, you may consider talking to my staff to schedule a second appointment so I can give you the appropriate amount of time. If necessary, you may consider bringing a friend or family member to visits to help you understand my diagnoses and recommendations. Two heads are always better than one! Please follow my advice. If you have questions or concerns about my advice, please tell me or my staff, and, again, you are always welcome to obtain a second opinion. But, silence helps nobody. Please fill my prescriptions and follow the directions given to you by the pharmacist. If you have questions or concerns about my prescriptions – including inability to pay – please let me or my staff know. We understand that sometimes drugs can be very expensive, but there are many ways we can help with samples, coupons, or, perhaps, a different prescription. But, silence helps nobody. When in doubt about anything, call my office or the exchange, no matter what time of day or night. We were would rather hear about a non-issue then never hear about a real problem….let us make the determination. That is how we serve you. Again, silence helps nobody. Finally, if you become angry or upset with me or this practice/hospital for any reason, please return to me first. Give me a chance to make it right. My door is always open to you and your family. This is our partnership…..this is our pact. We will work together through good and bad times with the permanent goal of improving your health. Let’s be teammates.

Signed Doctor X and Patient Y.”