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For Clinicians -- That First Job & Disclosure, Apology

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Disclosure, Apology, and That First Job for New Doctors and Nurses

Congratulations!  You’re a new doctor or nurse.  You studied and worked hard, made many sacrifices, and probably amassed substantial debt to have “MD” or “RN” behind your name.   You work in a high demand field and will always have employment opportunities virtually anywhere you want to live.  So, how do find the “dream job” in the right organization?  Well, remember that job interviews are two way streets. Not only are you trying to impress potential employers, but any hospital, practice, or nursing home should be trying to impress you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, including:

“So, let me ask you this question….a year from now I am working for you and I am involved in an adverse medical event. My patient is seriously injured, possibly dead. The family is devastated, angry, and demanding answers. They might be threatening litigation. The event may have been caused by a medical error – my medical error.  How will this situation be handled by this organization?  What will do for my patient, his or her family, and me?”

You should hope to hear the following from the hospital, practice, or nursing home:

·       We will train you how to have these conversations.

·       Our organization has a team of trained professionals to assist you with these conversations.

·       We want you to be open, honest, and transparent with patients and families….we believe in the disclosure movement.

·       If an adverse event was caused by a medical error, we will meet all needs of the patient and family including a sincere apology, explanation of what happened, and fair, upfront compensation. 

·       We will take care of you, the 2nd victim.

·       We will learn from the event to prevent it from happening again.

·       Let us tell you about some cases here at our hospital/nursing home where we have used the disclosure process…

If you don’t hear these words, you want to keep looking for that perfect job.


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