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Rating Hospitals and Nursing Homes on Disclosure & Apology.

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Sorry Works!, the nation's leading disclosure training & advocacy organization transitioned to an IRS-certified/approved 501c3 non-profit organization in 2017.  There are many reasons for this change.  We can now focus more time on various educational efforts, including the public (patient/family population), foundations that financially support hospitals, and more.   Of course, Sorry Works! will continue to provide various forms of training on disclosure for healthcare, insurance, and legal professionals.

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Whoever you are, whatever your situation, we can help.  Sorry Works! offers disclosure consulting for risk managers, attorneys, administrators, clinicians, and insurance executives in both acute and long-term settings. We also conduct research on disclosure and apology, including how to improve the implementation of disclosure and apology. We have worked all around the country teaching and training disclosure in countless let us help you by bringing our experiences and ideas to your situation.

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