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Online Disclosure Training

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Online Disclosure Learning Courses for Front-Line Staff

Online CME/CE Training for Front-Line Staff

As a result of a strategic partnership between Sorry Works! and The Sullivan Group, organizations can now reinsure that a culture of disclosure and empathy is embraced by all clinicians and staff via a series of online CME/CE courses.

Communication & Resolution: Just-in-Time

This brief 12-minute course can be used as an introduction for your clinicians, and should be made available for them to reference immediately after an adverse event. During this course, we provide 10 key tips for the learner to review prior to speaking with a family, and this course will reinforce the key points of empathizing and staying connected post-event without prematurely admitting fault. Moreover, we bring these key points to life by reenacting two brief video based scenarios of disclosure meetings. We highly recommend making this course mandatory during the onboarding process of clinicians and it should be available to serve as a quick refresher for all clinicians and staff.

Communication & Resolution: Empathy Post-Event

In this course, using video examples, we explain the role of communication and empathy in the healthcare setting as well as the difference between empathy and apology and when each is appropriate. Empathy is actually very simple, but it is often overlooked or ignored when the going gets tough. We will touch on the relationship of empathy and your own well-being as well as the influence of empathy on patient satisfaction and the financial well-being of your hospital and explain how empathy is just one part of a successful communication and resolution program. We present a case study to illustrate what can happen when empathy and open communication are ignored. Finally, we provide tips to reinforce the importance of empathy, and provide answers to a few common question on this topic.

Communication & Resolution: Fundamentals for Leaders

In this course, we use the literature and case studies to explore disclosure & apology (D&A), a method of communicating “bad news” to patients who experience unanticipated adverse outcomes as a result of a medical error, as well as disclosure, apology & offer (DA&O), which includes an offer of compensation. Like the title indicates, we recommend this course for all clinical leadership and other team members that will be part of the entire communication and resolution process.