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Making Disclosure A Reality For Healthcare Organizations 

Sorry Works! Campaign to Educate Patients and Families Launching Today - Book, Flyer, & Videos

The Sorry Works! Campaign to educate patients and families about disclosure, apology, and life after potential medical errors is launching today. This campaign is going to be a critical part of the disclosure movement, and it will fill a massive gap in the knowledge base of consumers facing complications and possible medical errors. Face it, most patients and families don't know what to do after something goes wrong in a hospital or medical practice, and very few know about the disclosure movement. We're going to change that. We will help patients and families think about all of their options, including what disclosure can mean for them...and how it all starts by going back to their doctor. Yes, these materials are geared towards patients and families, but healthcare, insurance, and legal professionals will want to view and see these materials for two reasons: 1) They need know what patients and families are going to be expecting regarding disclosure and apology and b) They may consider using these materials in their own educational efforts with patients and families as doctors, nurses, and other staff. Seriously, show these materials to your docs and nurses with the message that this is what your patients and families are going to be expecting, so you need to learn about disclosure! Need to learn how to say "sorry."

The foundation of the educational effort is a short book entitled "Did the Doctor Make a Mistake, A Guide for Patients and Families Facing Complications and Possible Medical Errors." This quick read provides a comprehensive & balanced overview for patients and families facing the worst moments of their lives, from not every bad outcome is the result of error, to what disclosure and apology should look like, to what to do if the doctors and nurses run away. Fair and balanced to all sides. The book is available both as an e-book and hard copy.

We are also providing a free downloadable flyer and a series of YouTube Videos.  Lots of stuff!

My ultimate hope and prayer is that this educational effort will encourage/push hospitals, practices, and insurers to speed up implementation of their disclosure programs. Furthermore, by educating patients and families about disclosure in much the same manner as we have done with docs and nurses, hopefully we can push these two camps back together more often after something goes wrong. When doctors, nurses, patients, and families stay connected post-event we all win.

Please spread the word, and I look forward to hearing your feedback.