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Making Disclosure A Reality For Healthcare Organizations 

Next Tuesday is Launch of Sorry Works! Campaign to Educate Patients and Families

Next Tuesday is the launch of the  campaign to educate patients and families about disclosure and apology and  life after a potential medical error. Since we first announced this upcoming  campaign in early December, we have received a lot of interest from friends  and colleagues around the country. Many of you became new subscribers to   Sorry Works! social media, but we still more at Facebook, Twitter,   and LinkedIn.

During this campaign we are going   to teach patients and families so many things, from not every bad outcome is  a medical error and empathy does not equal apology/admission of fault, to how  to conduct themselves post-event to maximize chances for healing and  resolution for all sides. We want to teach patients and families what they  should expect from their doctors and nurses post-event, and what to do if  their expectations are not met. This long-overdue educational effort will   help all stakeholders in the medical malpractice crisis, and greatly benefit  the disclosure movement. Moreover, we believe that educating patients and families about disclosure will speed implementation of disclosure programs in  hospitals, practices, and insurers.

Prior to this campaign, the only "advice" most patients and families   receive post-event is to call the number on the back of a phone book.   Patients and families deserve better, and so do doctors and nurses. The  education of patients and families has been non-existent with the disclosure  movement as well as the overall med-mal crisis...but no more.

Campaign materials will include a  booklet, flyer, and additional information and resources on our website to  educate patients and families. The booklet will be available both as a   hard copy and as an e-book through Amazon. The booklets and other  campaign materials will be of interest to not only patients and families, but  also healthcare, insurance, and legal professionals --- you're going want to   see what your patients and families will be reading! Look for information on  how to order next Tuesday.

Here is the landing page   for the campaign. And here is a short YouTube video   describing the campaign. Please share these materials with friends and   forward to colleagues.

A consistent theme/message  throughout the campaign will be when something goes wrong, the first step for  the patient or family is to go back to their doctor and, if necessary,  escalate from there. We will teach patients and families that dealing with a  potential medical error is really no different than any other customer   service complaint process. Start with your doctor and escalate from there.

We're excited about the launch of  this campaign, and we hope you are too. This has the potential to be a game  changer for the med-mal arena. Please tell your friends and colleagues,  including those in the media.

Again, we will be relying heavily  on social media to promote this campaign – so please "like us" on Facebook,   "follow us" on Twitter,  and connect with us on LinkedIn.   Help grow our list of social media followers --- please send people our way!!   Encourage folks to connect with us on social media!




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