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Sorry Works! Minute on YouTube: Gonna Fire the Nurse?!?

You've heard it before..... "Are you gonna fire the nurse?!?  She hurt Daddy!  What about the Doctor?  He hurt Daddy too!   I want them both FIRED NOW!"

Anyone who has dealt with adverse events has faced this question or challenge from an angry patient or family member.  What do you say?  Can't be off-putting as that will only raise the temperature in the room, but also can't devulge information about the employment status of your people.  So, what do you do?  The answer can be found in this week's Sorry Works! minute on YouTube.

Also, don't forget our November 1st Webinar on Plaintiff's Lawyer, Disclosure Programs, and Compensation for Larger Cases. Working with the PI Bar is an important element for any disclosure program, and this webinar offers a chance to learn how your colleagues in Baltimore are rising to this challenge.



Doug Wojcieszak Founder, Sorry Works!