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Dr. Lucian Leape Praises Disclosure Documentary

leapeNationally renowned patient safety expert Dr. Lucian Leape strongly supports the Disclosure Documentary produced by Lawrence and Steve Kraman and marketed by Sorry Works. "I think it's exceptionally well done. You have developed the story and inter-weaved the comments in a credible and easy to follow way. I think lay persons and professionals alike will find this compelling and easy to understand. It is by far the most balanced presentation I have ever seen/heard on malpractice, human error, and disclosure and apology," said Dr. Lucian Leape

We appreciate Dr. Leape's support. We are glad Dr. Leape likes the movie, and you will like it too.

At $29.99 per copy the Disclosure Documentary is affordable for any organization or individual. When you order the film, you will actually receive two copies: a Grand Rounds edition (45 minutes in length) and a theatrical version (1.5 hours).

The Disclosure Documentary is also available as part of the Sorry Works! Tool Kit. At $49.99 per unit, the Tool Kit includes the movie, the Sorry Works! Tool Kit Book, Sorry Works! Power Point presentation, the Little Book of Empathy, and Pocket Notes. It's everything you need to launch and sustain a successful disclosure program.

Learn what Dr. Leape is talking about by ordering your copy of the Disclosure Documentary today.