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Florida Premiere of Disclosure Documentary -- February 11th



We are excited to announce the Florida Premiere of the Disclosure Documentary will be held the evening of Thursday, February 11th in Lakeland, Florida. Lawrence and Steve Kraman along with Sorry Works! Founder Doug Wojcieszak will be at the premiere. The hosts for the premiere are the Watson Clinic Foundation and the Winter Haven Hospital Foundation. The sponsors for the event are the Watson Clinic; Lanier Upshaw; Rissman, Barrett, Hurt, Donahue, & McClain; and Central Florida Doctor. This premiere is open to healthcare, insurance, and risk management professionals, and we are hoping for a very large audience. Thank you to our hosts and sponsors! We are sharing this information for three reasons:1

) We want our friends around Lakeland, Florida (which is near Tampa and Orlando) to join us for the premiere. Please let your colleagues and friends in this area know about the viewing, and please forward this information to them. We want a full theatre the evening of February us spread the word! If you or a colleague wish to attend, you can simply respond to this e-mail to RSVP.

2) We want other organizations around the country to consider hosting a premiere/showing of the Disclosure Documentary. A large viewing of the film will invigorate your disclosure and patient safety will create a lot of buzz within your organization. Consider the following quote about the Disclosure Documentary from patient safety champion Dr. Lucian Leape: "I think it's exceptionally well done. You have developed the story and inter-weaved the comments in a credible and easy to follow way. I think lay persons and professionals alike will find this compelling and easy to understand. It is by far the most balanced presentation I have ever seen/heard on malpractice, human error, and disclosure and apology," said Dr. Lucian Leape

3) We want you to purchase your own copy of the Disclosure Documentary for just $29.99 per copy. To order your copy, click on this link.