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Idaho Hospital Transparent, Apologetic After Child's Death Due To Medication Errors

STLAccording to media reports, seven-month old August Dean Elliott died at St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center due to a medication error.  The hospital held a press conference about the death, is investigating the event with the family and their attorney, and has apologized.  It looks like the hospital is handling the situation in an empathetic and intelligent manner. Though this a tragic situation, it is good to see the hospital acting in this the not-so-recent past this behavior would have been unthinkable for a hospital.  The trick now is how to do we get every event (big or small, apparent or not-so-apparent) in every healthcare and insurance organization to be handled in this manner every time.  That day will come when every hospital and insurer has a disclosure program.

At Sorry Works! we are committed to helping organizations develop and sustain successful disclosure programs.  We recently launched the Sorry Works! Tool Kit to show organizations how to make disclosure work on a consistent and ethical basis  by developing successful and sustainable disclosure programs.  We are holding a November 12th webinar to teach from our new Tool Kit, and every participant will receive a copy of the Tool Kit.  To register for the November 12th webinar, click on this link.

Click on this link and this link to see media reports about the death of August Dean Elliott.