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Making Disclosure A Reality For Healthcare Organizations 

Disclosure Documentary: Informed Consent Trailer & Pricing

dan hallThe Disclosure Documentary produced by Newport Classic Films and Dr. Steve Kraman and marketed through Sorry Works! is generating A LOT of interest. It's a terrific movie that really gets people thinking about all of the issues surrounding medical errors and disclosure. And at 47 minutes in length, the documentary is perfect for Grand Rounds and other staff meetings. Many experts from around the country provided interviews for the movie, including Dr. Dan Hall from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. A surgeon and ordained priest in the Episcopal Church, Dr. Hall offered an in-depth interview on informed consent. To see the trailer from Dr. Hall's interview click here. To see Dr. Hall's biography, click here.

INFORMATION ON PRICING FOR MOVIE: We are charging $500 for the movie for one hospital, practice, or nursing home. Organizations with multiple facilities (a chain of hospital or nursing homes, for example) or an insurer or association with many members should call 618-559-8168 or e-mail for a quote. To order the documentary, click on this link.

To see a trailer for the movie, click on this link.