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Disclosure Documentary to be Promoted Through Sorry Works!

Steve Kraman, Newport Classic Films, and Sorry Works! Join Forces to Market Disclosure Documentary Public Showings to be Planned Across the Country


SEPTEMBER 22, 2015


Dr. Steve Kraman, who is credited with starting the disclosure movement with his flyergroundbreaking work at the Lexington, Kentucky VA Hospital, and his brother, film director Lawrence Kraman, recently developed and produced a comprehensive documentary that explores the disclosure movement from all angles. Eighteen months in the making,"Full Disclosure: The Search for Medical Error Transparency" includes the voices of leading physicians, healthcare and insurance executives, and attorneys as well as skeptics and detractors. This balanced, well-developed documentary provides all stakeholders in the med-mal debate with a comprehensive and compelling view of the potential for disclosure in acute and long-term healthcare settings. A link for the trailer from the movie is below.

Now the Kraman brothers are partnering with Sorry Works! to market and distribute their documentary.

"As a filmmaker, I know the best films you can do are about subjects with which you are familiar. My own brother, Dr. Steve Kraman, had established and publicly reported the results of the first medical error disclosure program in a major hospital - an extraordinary achievement. Steve's story and the story of the disclosure movement that followed needed to be told in a compelling manner," said Newport Classic Films' Lawrence Kraman. "Upon the film's completion Steve and I were searching for an existing organization that we could partner with to market and distribute the film and sponsor public screenings. While we did have discussions with larger organizations we eventually realized that working with Sorry Works! would be a better fit for us. Doug has put together an organization that is compact, responsive, and is widely recognized by healthcare, insurance, and legal organizations around the United States. We are excited about the potential of this partnership."

The "Full Disclosure" film is available as both a 47-minute "Grand Rounds" length video, and a longer 90-minute theatrical version. The movie will be available for purchase through Sorry Works! and the Sorry Works! website ( There will also be many hours of edited "raw" footage shot during the filming of the documentary that will be made available through Sorry Works! To promote the films and raw footage, the Kraman/Sorry Works! partnership will be hosting public showings of the movie in select cities in the United States over the following year, with the first public showing to be scheduled soon. If your organization is interested in hosting a viewing of the film, please contact Sorry Works! at 618-559-8168 or

"The goal of the partnership with Sorry Works! is to distribute this movie far and wide....we want as many people as possible to view it. Not only do we want healthcare professionals and healthcare students to see the movie, but also consumers and legislators. We anticipate having diverse crowds at the public showings, from hospital CEOs and med-mal defense attorneys to consumer advocates and plaintiff's attorneys. We know there will be some frank discussions among these audiences, and hope this will lead to a grass-roots movement for disclosure with more hospitals and nursing homes adopting disclosure practices," said Dr. Steve Kraman.

Doug Wojcieszak, Sorry Works! Founder, is excited about the new partnership with the Kraman brothers.

"Sorry Works! is thrilled to be partnering with Steve and Lawrence. This documentary is such a unique and important product....there is nothing like it out there. This film is not simply an endorsement for disclosure at all costs but instead is a balanced look at this important issue that will make all stakeholders in the med-mal debate think and work to understand what disclosure means for them and their organizations," said Doug Wojcieszak, Sorry Works! Founder.

"The movie gets people talking about disclosure, and we want everyone to see it, concluded Wojcieszak.

To learn more about the documentary, including a trailer, visit this link.

For information on ordering the documentary, please contact Sorry Works! at 618-559-8168 or e-mail