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Making Disclosure A Reality For Healthcare Organizations 

Resources for Attorneys Trying to Understand Disclosure

Defense and plaintiffs lawyers are key pieces in any disclosure process, yet, due to lack of knowledge and cultural issues, they can often be barriers -- especially defense lawyers.  A few weeks ago I penned a column on fighting passive resistancein disclosure, and it is often the defense lawyers (along with their allies in claims) who provide the most passive resistance to any disclosure program or individual case.  Defense lawyers can throw lots of sand in the gears.  Through the years at Sorry Works! we have stated the some defense lawyers need to be fired. While some lawyers will never support disclosure (and need to be shown the door), there are many defense lawyers who can become supportive if properly educated.  There are some terrific educational resources for attorneys available through MACRMI, which is the state-wide disclosure initiative on disclosure in Massachusetts.   These resources walk defense lawyers through the process, and even calm skeptical plaintiffs lawyers who think clients might be shortchanged with disclosure.  Check out this link and this link.   Please share this information with the attorneys who will be part of your disclosure program.

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