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Making Disclosure A Reality For Healthcare Organizations 

Consumer Engagement: Residents Hire Staff at Nursing Home

Over the years, I have railed about lack of true consumer engagement within healthcare organizations. I have pushed people to go beyond the "window dressing" of one or two family members on a committee. I have advocated for healthcare organizations and insurers to interview patients and families post-event to add credibility to the review process and subsequent disclosure conversations. And I have shared stories of patients/families getting involved with healthcare organizations in a meaningful way after adverse events with Grand Rounds presentations, being involved in the safety fixes, and even consulting. Then, there was this story that was recently circulated on Facebook by Martine Ehrenclou. One Illinois nursing home is actually letting residents have the final say on applicants for staff positions. The home's leadership conducts the initial vetting of applications and does the first round interviews, but the residents give the final thumbs up or thumbs down....and apparently the residents have given the kibosh to several would-be staff members. Wow! Talk about empowerment, and talk about a great way to strengthen relationships and trust. That's the kind of relationship that can withstand adverse events so long as effective disclosure is part of the picture.

How could acute care organizations follow this example?

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