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Five-Star: Clinician and Organizational Attitudes...

July 12, 2011Doug Wojcieszak, Founder Contact phone/e-mail address: 618-559-8168;

Five-Star: Clinician and Organizational Attitudes One of the challenges we face in implementing Five-Star in hospitals and practices is the attitude of some clinicians and the organizations themselves. You know what I'm talking about....arms crossed, head cocked, scowl on the face, and some version of the following: "We're here to save your ***, not kiss it. This ain't some damm amusement park or swanky hotel....we're a hospital and we're busy saving lives! Let me get back to my job!!"

We're heard it all before...but it's no longer acceptable or even intelligent.

We know Five-Star can increase reimbursements while lowering errors and liability exposure. We know this. When colleagues do a better job taking care of colleagues they in turn do a better job taking care of patients and families, who in turn say and write nice things about the hospital or practice (higher reimbursements, more referrals) while conversely being less likely to engage in negative activities (lawsuits, complaining to licensure boards, the media, and neighbors and friends).

So, we have to work on attitude....and, in particular, challenge bad attitudes. This whole notion "we're a hospital....we save lives, we don't put mint on pillows" is really outrageous, when you think about it. Clinicians are supposed to be in the caring & service business. Some defenders of the status quo say that even if the "right attitude" was present in staff & leadership, it wouldn't matter because healthcare is much too chaotic for any Five-Star initiative to stick. Well, last year I took the first trip to see the Mouse in Orlando with my little boy and wife. Disney is the home of Five-Star, but doesn't it strike you as odd that a bunch of teenagers and 20-somethings can pull off Five-Star in a hot, crowded amusement day in and day out, yet highly educated doctors and nurses working in climate-controlled hospitals and practices can't? Chaos is no excuse. Again, it starts with attitude, including challenging the bad attitudes and also knocking down incorrect assumptions.

However, the cool thing is - according to our experiences - that many doctors and nurses eagerly embrace Five-Star. They know they need Five-Star and actually want to learn and implement it. Moreover, while clinicians appreciate disclosure training they honestly hope to never use it, whereas they can use the Five-Star training right away and are eager to do so.

So, challenge the bad attitudes while nurturing the good attitudes. Give your people the tools they desperately need to make Five-Star a reality in your hospital and their practices.

We can help challenge the bad attitudes and nurture the Five-Star champions in your organization with customized Five-Star training from the Sorry Works-Stevens & Lee team. Just call 618-559-8168 or e-mail for more information.


- Doug

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