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Making Disclosure A Reality For Healthcare Organizations 

"Train the Trainer" Webinar on Disclosure - November 13th -

We are receiving great response for this webinar. This "train the trainer webinar" will be a terrific resource for risk, claims, legal, and medical and nursing leaders who want to learn how to teach disclosure to their colleagues. It's also a good webinar for folks who want to introduce the concept of disclosure to their hospital or insurer. The webinar will go for up to two hours....about 1 hour of presentation time and up to 1 hour of discussion and questions. You will see and hear the slide deck we use to teach front-line staff in the field, and be educated so you can do the same with your physicians, nurses, and other clinicians.

The cost will be $249 per line, and include five (5) copies of the Little Book of Empathy. You can also receive a taped copy of the presentation for the same cost, or order a live line with a taped copy for $349.

Here is the LINK to register for the webinar. If you have questions, please call 618-559-8168 or e-mail

We hope you can join us.