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"Train the Trainer" Webinar on Disclosure - November 13th -

At Sorry Works, we continue to receive a lot of inquiries from hospitals and insurers that need disclosure training for their front-line docs and nurses, but, too often the conversation stops when we hear the following: "Our education budget has been cut this year" or "The CFO said 'no'" or "I just can't get the attention of the c-suite." We understand.

The healthcare industry is going through massive changes & challenges...reimbursements are down while providers adjust to getting paid for quality instead of quantity, and c-suite personnel are busy purchasing physician practices while contemplating mergers with other hospitals. Busy & challenging times.

But the need for disclosure training doesn't go away during challenging times. We still need to teach risk, claims, legal, and physicians and nurses what to say and do following an adverse event. And while face-to-face training is always preferable, we can accomplish much via webinar and make it affordable so you don't have to bother the CFO.

Sorry Works! will be offering a disclosure training webinar led by Doug Wojcieszak on Thursday, November 13th at 1pm EST/10am PST. The webinar will go for up to two hours....about 1 hour of presentation time and up to 1 hour of discussion and questions. You will see and hear the slide deck we use to teach front-line staff in the field, and be educated so you can do the same with your physicians, nurses, and other clinicians. This will basically be train-the-trainer, so it's perfect for risk, claims, physician leaders, nursing managers, and attorneys.

The cost will be $249 per line, and include five (5) copies of the Little Book of Empathy. You can also receive a taped copy of the presentation for the same cost, or order a live line with a taped copy for $349.

Here is the LINK to register for the webinar. If you have questions, please call 618-559-8168 or e-mail






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