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The Cross Family Disclosure Story -- Teachable Moments

I have a story to share...actually two stories. About a year ago Sorry Works! partnered with The Sullivan Group (TSG), a leading provider of on-line learning courses for healthcare professionals   It's been a great partnership...last Fall we developed two on-line courses, a Just-in-Time trainer for front-line staff and a more indepth Disclosure Fundamentals Course for physicians, nurses managers, c-suite, etc.  We just started marketing these courses earlier this year, and have had a great reception.  We look forward to showing off these courses at ASHRM this year.

Well, in the midst of marketing these disclosure courses, Dr. Dan Sullivan, President and CEO of The Sullivan Group (TSG), had his own disclosure story.  Friends of Dr. Sullivan - the Cross Family - had a bad experience at a local hospital and wanted disclosure.  Unfortunately, the disclosure did not go well, but, there are several teachable moments from this story that can benefit hospitals and insurers.  It's a very compelling story.  Dr. Sullivan dedicated an entire TSG newsletter about the Cross Family story and what other hospitals and insurers can learn.  I urge you to click on this link to read the Cross family story:

Thanks to Dan and the entire TSG team for sharing this story and their commitment to the disclosure movement.

To learn more about the TSG/Sorry Works! on-line courses, e-mail or call 618-559-8168.