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Making Disclosure A Reality For Healthcare Organizations 

Preview Webinars - Online Disclosure Learning Courses from Sorry Works & The Sullivan Group

Sorry Works! has teamed up with The Sullivan Group (TSG) to provide two (2) new on-line disclosure learning courses for front-line clinicians and managers.  Disclosure is a hot topic today, but the big challenge is how to educate all your doctors and nurses so they know how to empathize and stay connected with patients and families post-event.  The Sorry Works!-TSG on-line disclosure learning courses meet this need. We will be holding preview webinars for these two new on-line disclosure learning courses on the following dates & times:


Thursday, 9th:   Noon – 1 pm CST

Thursday, January 23 - Noon – 1 pm CST


Thursday, 6th: Noon – 1 pm CST

Tuesday, 18th: Noon – 1 pm CST

To reserve your space at one of our webinars, simply e-mail

We will be reviewing two courses: 1) Just-in-Time/Introductory Course and 2) Disclosure Fundamentals.

Just-in-Time/Introductory is a 12-minute video based course which quickly provides the basics of disclosure and empathy along with two scenarios.  This short course is a must for all existing and new staff, and should be part of your on-boarding process.  The course is also a quick refresher for staff and managers who must disclose to patients and families.

Disclosure Fundamentals is an indepth, CME-accredited course covering why disclosure is important to patients and families to how it works, including how to empathize and stay connected post-event without prematurely admitting fault.  The course provides check lists, dos and don'ts, video segments & video commentary, case scenarios, and test questions.  This is the complete course to help your staff truly embrace disclosure.

Again, to register for the preview webinars, simply e-mail