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Five-Star Tip: Phone Call Before Surgery...

May 3, 2011Doug Wojcieszak, Founder & Spokesperson Contact phone/e-mail address: 618-559-8168;

SORRY WORKS! FIVE-STAR CUSTOMER SERVICE TIP: CALL NIGHT BEFORE SURGERY Last week Sorry Works! with our Stevens & Lee partners returned to our favorite state: Oklahoma. We've literally lost count of the number of talks and presentations we've done in the Sooner State, most through/with PLICO, the doctor- owned med-mal insurer in the state. We enjoy working with our Oklahoma friends. We hope more states become like Oklahoma.

During the break at our Saturday morning presentations, a plastic surgeon told me about how he calls all of his patients the night before an operation. He also calls after the operation (which most docs do), but he always calls the night before his operations to see how the patient/family are doing, answer any questions, and calm any nerves. The doctor said his patients are usually blown away by this personal touch, and each call usually only lasts for a minute or two. He went onto say he's never had to advertise his practice because his patients and their families do all the advertising he needs.

I asked if any of these pre-surgery calls went bad or he regretted calling a particular patient. The physician replied "never." Always a positive experience for both him and the patient/family. Furthermore, the doctor said he encourages all of his colleagues to adopt this practice.

What a GREAT idea. I've never heard of it, but I could immediately see how it would impress a patient/family. The general impression of doctors is they are too busy & too important to call, even after a this is a very pleasant surprise.

This phone call only takes a few minutes and doesn't cost anything, but it builds an enormous reservoir of good will, trust, and likability....the kind of trust and likability that creates loyal relationships pre-event and leads patients/families back to the doc/practice post-adverse event.

In today's busy healthcare environment, physicians need to find intelligent and efficient ways to provide Five-Star service to their patients and families. Delivering Five-Star service increases business prospects and reimbursements while lowering liability exposure. This phone call idea is a grand-slam.

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- Doug

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