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Making Disclosure A Reality For Healthcare Organizations 

Patient Video on Disclosure Programs + Update from Massachusetts State-Wide Disclosure Program

I recently received an e-mail from our friends at MITSS with a video from a patient who suffered harm in a Boston hospital in 2007 and did NOT receive disclosure...and the video provides this patient's perspective on what is needed in a disclosure program and what is most important to consumers.  Must watch for healthcare, insurance, and legal professionals developing or refining a disclosure program.  Click this link for the video. Also provided in the e-mail from MITSS was a link for the 1st annual report on the state-wide disclosure efforts in Massachusetts...all Sorry Works! readers will be interested in this update.  Click here for the report.

Hey, with 4th of July over that means that Fall is right around the corner, which means Grand Rounds and other educational programs for your physicians, nurses, and staff.  Make this the Fall that you educate your staff on disclosure and post-event communications with a Sorry Works! presentation.  Call 618-559-8168 or e-mail for more information on scheduling a Sorry Works! presentation.