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Making Disclosure A Reality For Healthcare Organizations 

Boston Hospital Publicly Airing Medical Mistakes

This hit the news wires yesterday: Brigham and Women's is now publicly airing their medical mistakes. Very powerful story which can be found here. This is another example of the disclosure movement gaining steam, and the folks in Massachusetts doing a lot of great work to promote disclosure and make it a reality nationwide. One of the things we really need to think about in disclosure is taking disclosure outside the walls. For several years, we have encouraged our readers to reach out to the PI Bar -- and we still need to keep doing this! Now, we also need to think about educating consumers about disclosure...about the new & growing ethical movement in medicine. To help with this effort, not only look at the story above but also the Massachusetts state-wide effort to educate the public about disclosure and apology, which is linked to the Sorry Works! campaign to educate the public. Due to decades of deny and defend, the public along with the media, politicians, and regulators expect doctors and nurses to hide post-event. Disclosure gives us a chance to change this perception in a way that benefits all stakeholders.

I really encourage you to look at these links, read the story and look at these resources, and think how you can do the same with your disclosure efforts.

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