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Making Disclosure A Reality For Healthcare Organizations 

YouTube Videos to Teach Empathy Basics to Docs & Nurses

We know that when docs and nurses empathize and stay connected post-event, we have a better chance of avoiding litigation, learning from adverse events, and providing healing and closure for all sides, right?  The trick is how do you say "sorry" without prematurely admitting fault?  What does empathy look and sound like? Well, at Sorry Works! we've been working on this challenge for the last couple years.

First, we built the Little Book of Empathy, which is available both as a hard copy and through Amazon as an e-book.  Now, we have two YouTube videos associated with the Amazon e-book.   One of the videos provides an overview of empathy and why it's important, and the other video gives some tips and thoughts on how  to empathize.....this is some very practical advice.  You can preview either video free by clicking on the links and be sure to share these links with physician and nurse colleagues.  The e-book itself only costs $3.99 and is free to Amazon Prime members (simply search for "Doug Wojcieszak" in Amazon to see the Little Book of Empathy and other e-books from Sorry Works!).

Finally, the Little Book of Empathy has been converted into a CME/CE accredited on-line training program with ELM Exchange.   This is the economic and scalable way to teach empathy to all of your physicians and nurses and also new hires down the road.   For a free preview of the on-line training module, simply e-mail or call 618-559-8168.