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Little Book of Empathy Now an E-Book Through Amazon

A little over a year ago, Sorry Works! released the "Little Book of Empathy, What to Say When Something Goes Wrong" as a teaching tool for front-line doctors, nurses, and other staff. We have sold thousands of hard copies of the book, and it's become so popular because it teaches and even scripts docs & nurses how to empathize and stay connected with patients and families post-event without prematurely admitting fault. The Little Book of Empathy helps caregivers embrace empathy and disclosure, and have confidence post-event (versus running away and looking guilty). Now, the Little Book of Empathy is an e-book available through Amazon for only $3.99 per copy. Every doc and nurse should get a copy, and at $3.99 it's cheap enough to be required reading for every medical and nursing student. Seriously!

Of course, we still have hard copies of the Little Book of Empathy for sale (and always will!) -- just click here to order hard copies.

Remember, Doctors' Day is fast approaching, and the Little Book of Empathy makes a great gift for your staff....bulk pricing is available by e-mailing or calling 618-559-8168.

Also, remember, the Little Book of Empathy has been expanded and transformed into an on-line disclosure learning program for front-line physicians and nurses. In partnership with ELM Exchange, this CME/CE accredited disclosure learning program is the economic and scalable way to provide the disclosure basics to all your front-line staff as well as the new hires down the road. We are holding a preview webinar of this on-line disclosure training program on February 13th at 1pm EST/10am PST --- to register for the free preview webinar simply e-mail or call 618-559-8168.