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Draft Legislative Language to Reform State Licensure Boards...

Draft Legislative Language to Reform State Licensure Boards This Spring we launched our effort to reform state licensure boards and the NPDB in light of the growing disclosure movement.  We developed a white paper outlining our thoughts and plan.   We now have draft legislative language for reforming state licensure boards.  The language was drafted courtesy of our sponsors at Catholic Health Partners – thank you, CHP!

When you read the language, you will see it is somewhat similar to apology immunity laws on the books in 35+ states, except instead of focusing on immunity before civil courts our new language focuses on immunity before licensure boards.  Moreover, the draft language has some qualifiers to prevent reckless acts or “frequent flyers” from being covered by the program.  Indeed, reckless acts and frequent flyers are where we want state regulators to focus, not on otherwise good caregivers who make honest mistakes, apologize for those mistakes, and make amends, including adoption of quality improvements.

Let me be crystal clear: As a family member who lost a brother to medical errors, if a clinician apologizes to me for a mistake and is willing to work with me to fix problems, I don’t need a state regulator at that time.  Removing state regulators from this arena will encourage more open and honest communications post-event, which benefits everyone.

You will notice the language is drafted for Ohio (the home base for Catholic Health Partners) but, it is general enough that any state can easily refine to meet their code.

It is my sincere hope that state elected officials and advocacy groups will review the language this fall and seriously consider introducing as legislation next Spring.  I am happy to answer any questions about the legislation.  Moreover, I am happy to provide testimony or other support for legislative efforts.   Simply contact me at 618-559-8168 or



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