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Making Disclosure A Reality For Healthcare Organizations 

Update: State Licensure Board/NPDB Reform Campaign

Our reform campaign continues to move forward, with a heavy emphasis on the states.  We believe the states are where we can make the most immediate impact in terms of reforming state licensure boards for docs, RNs, and other clinicians who do the right thing post-event.  These boards are under pressure from consumer groups to raise their numbers, but they should not treat disclosing clinicians as low-hanging fruit.  Clinicians and also organizations that apologize post-event should not be punished by state regulators.  In a way, our reform campaign for state licensure boards is similar to the drive for state apology immunity laws. We have already spoken with senior level political people in three different states, and will also be approaching people in many other states this summer.  We have also begun discussions with several national healthcare organizations that have reach/influence into many different states.  Our goal is to get legislation drafted this fall, work to get at least a few states to pass our legislative initiative next Spring, and begin building momentum.  We need help with introductions at the state level – if you have contacts within state medical and insurance organizations, please contact Doug Wojcieszak at or 618-559-8168.   Click here for the lastest version of the campaign white paper.  Finally - and most importantly! -  we continue to need donations to support this work.



Doug Wojcieszak, Founder, Sorry Works!