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Webinar: Disclosure & Apology in Radiology, Wednesday, June 26th


This Wednesday, June 26th at 9am ET/6am PDT the Harvard Medical School and the Institute for Professionalism and Ethical Practice (of Boston Children's Hospital) will be providing a webinar entitled, "Disclosure & Apology in Radiology."  Here is the registration link.   

Cost is only $50 for a two-hour course, and CME/CE credits are available. The link provided above has additional resources and information on disclosure for radiologists, including videos.  This looks like a lot of great information and resources for Sorry Works! followers.   

To me, radiologists are often "behind the scenes" and usually don't have relationships with patients and families.  Yet, they may need to have difficult conversations with consumers; running away is not an option.  Providing bad news and being empathetic with a stranger is difficult but not impossible so long as people are given training and tools. Remember, Sorry Works! has many tools for clinicians, risk managers, attorneys and others including the Sorry Works! Tool Kit Book, Little Book of Empathy and other content.  To order, simply click on this link.    


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