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Sorry Works! Solves 30 ED-Cases Without Litigation; Lessons for All...


Sorry Works! and the disclosure movement were recently featured in a national Emergency Room (ED) newsletter.  Long story short, disclosure & apology works in the Emergency Room. In fact, the newsletter provided three articles on disclosure, including "30 ED-Related Cases Without Litigation." This article shares the experiences of Dr. Tom Syzek, MD, FACEP, who was responsible for loss prevention and claims management for Premier Physician Services. Premier managed EDs in Ohio, West Virginia, and South Carolina and Dr. Syzek reported using disclosure and apology with no litigation in 30 cases.  Here is a link for the newsletter and three articles.  

I think Dr. Syzek's experience is a very valuable lesson for all healthcare, insurance, and legal professionals. The ED is a high risk environment....not only because it's a high volume, fast-paced clinical setting, but also because there is often little chance (if any) for ED physicians and nurses to build long-term, meaningful relationships with patients and families.  Yet, disclosure works well in the Emergency Room.  ED clinicians have to work hard to connect quickly with patients and families, and risk and claims staff supporting ED staff have to be equally responsive...and Sorry Works! helps these folks.  The "get connected, stay connected" message of Sorry Works! is a perfect fit for this environment.  It's a perfect fit for any clinical setting. 

Dr. Syzek is currently a Vice President for The Sullivan Group, an online patient safety and risk management company that provides courses and other content to healthcare professionals in all clinical settings. Dr. Syzek and Sorry Works! Founder Doug Wojcieszak teamed up to develop on-line courses teaching Sorry Works! to healthcare professionals in all clinical settings.  To schedule a demo of the Sorry Works! on-line courses, please contact Doug Wojcieszak at or 618-559-8168.  These courses are great for front-line staff and leadership.  


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