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Test Sites Needed for Research Project: Patient Safety/Disclosure in Long-Term Care

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Over the last week we have been promoting a new research project developed by Sorry Works! and the MedStar Institute for Quality & Safety. The official announcement is directly below. 

This research project will study the implementation of various patient safety, risk management, and disclosure strategies in long-term care (senior living) organizations. We are looking for six (6) test sites for this research project.  We need to hear quickly from interested organizations. 

This project represents a terrific opportunity for these six test sites to receive a wealth of resources, expertise, and training.  We will be applying for an AHRQ grant to conduct this study.  We are scheduling conference calls in early April to discuss this opportunity with interested organizations.  To schedule a conference call and learn more, please contact Doug Wojcieszak at or by calling 618-559-8168.   


Sorry Works!, MedStar Institute for Quality & Safety Team Up for Research; Seek Test Sites
Sorry Works! is joining forces with MedStar Institute for Quality and Safety to conduct a research project evaluating the implementation of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s Communication and Optimal Resolution Program (CANDOR) Toolkit in long-term care organizations. The core elements of CANDOR include: structures and systems for reporting of near misses, unsafe conditions, and potential errors, development of the infrastructure and capacity for rapid incident response teams (including early communication with patients and families after patient harm events, timely event review (RCA) and care for the caregiver), and hard wiring of the risk management policies and processes following harm events.    

Our team is seeking commitments from six long-term care facilities willing to partner with us on implementing, and adapting, the CANDOR toolkit for long-term care facilities. This is a terrific opportunity for interested facilities to gain partners with leaders in CANDOR and communicating with patients and families after harm events. Our experts have deep experience in working with organizations to develop sustainable infrastructure for patient safety and safety improvements, underpinned by CANDOR.

What Can I Expect for My Facility?

  • Support from leading experts in the field of communication and resolution to establish sustainable infrastructure to support a CANDOR implementation;

  • Education and training on each element of the CANDOR program (e.g., reporting, event review, communication, care for the caregiver, disclosure and apology, claims and resolution);

  • Evaluation support for the period of the project including baseline gap analysis, interim project reports, and establishing the infrastructure to support facility wide patient safety metric monitoring.

Our team is applying for a five-year grant from the AHRQ to support this work. If you are interested in working with us on this exciting project, we will require a letter of commitment from your organization by April 20, 2019.
Please respond directly to Doug Wojcieszak at or (618) 559-8168 if you and your organization are interested in learning more about participating in this research project.
To learn more about MedStar Institute for Quality and Safety’s CANDOR implementations go here. 

Doug Wojcieszak