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Elderly Woman Suffers Fall With Daughter -- How Would You Handle?

This week's case is taken from the Little Book of Empathy --- how would you and your staff handle this situation?

"Mrs. Linden is an 89-year old resident who is a fall risk.  Sophie, Mrs. Linden daughter, is a frequent visitor and has complained several times to the nursing manager that staff does not respond quickly enough when mom has to go to the bathroom.  Yesterday, Sophie was visiting her mom and Sophie claims she and her mom pushed the call button several times with no response.  So, Sophie helped her mom to the bathroom where Mrs. Linden fell and sustained serious injuries, requiring hospitalization.   Sophie is extremely angry and threatening litigation."

What should your staff do?  How would your staff react right now if given this scenario?   What should your leadership do?   Do you have a disclosure program in place to handle this type of situation?

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