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Little Book of Empathy 2nd Edition

Little Book of Empathy 2nd Edition

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Over the last four years we have sold thousands of copies of the Little Book of Empathy, and several healthcare organizations have ordered customized versions for their staff. We are now offering the 2nd edition of the Little Book of Empathy. The 2nd edition provides updated information and tips on post-event communications along with brand new chapters on 2nd victims and developing a disclosure program. The updated version also provides cases to discuss and practice. And the best part is the 2nd edition costs the same as the original Little Book of Empathy --- we've kept the same low price! 

Can Be Customized for Your Organization!

Want your organization's logo on the book cover? We can do! How about a special page inserted in the book with a welcome message from your CEO? Consider it done! Call 618-559-8168 or e-mail to discuss our customization options.

Order Today! Bulk Pricing Available

Below is our pricing schedule for the book up to 100 copies. If you desire bulk order pricing for orders greater than 100 copies, call 618-559-8168 or e-mail

Single copies: $9.99/booklet

Five Copies: $29.99

Ten Copies: $49.99

Twenty Five Copies: $99.99

Orders larger than 25 copies call 618-559-8168 or e-mail for a quote

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