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Cameras in the Delivery Room? Ban Threatens Patient Trust

Found an interesting article in today’s LA Times on banning cameras in the delivery room.

After a recent Sorry Works! presentation, a prominent med-mal defense attorney commented on this very topic. This attorney said that banning video cameras from the delivery room was the dumbest idea he has ever seen. Not only does it destroy relationships and create unease with the new mom and dad, it usually eliminates a lot of great evidence for the defense the attorney lamented.

I agree on all counts. The relationship part is a no-brainer. Americans and most people from democratic countries feel offended and suspicious when an organization or person bans recording devices. Feels un-American!  What are you hiding, doc?

From a legal perspective, disclosure – at the minimum – is about great evidence for a strong defense. And a video says it all. Either you did your job or you screwed up and need to apologize and take care of the family.

Your comments?

GeneralJames Harper