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Making Disclosure A Reality For Healthcare Organizations 

Banker Teaches Docs About Apology

In today’s Sorry Works! e-newsletter we’ve reviewed “Last Man Standing,” the biography of Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase’s CEO.  Aside from being a good business read, the book provides several powerful examples of apology and honest discussions – on the record discussions – about mistakes made by the bank and Dimon and his team. 

Think about: Docs are often told never to talk because they might be risking six or seven figures, and we have these massive quality and litigation problems because of this closed mouth approach…..but here is the country’s bank, risking hundreds of millions and even billions, yet they are not afraid of apology or honest discussions.  Not only is JP Morgan Chase the largest bank, but also the healthiest…they avoided the downturn and even grew during the crisis because their honesty and candor allow them to improve their systems.    This is a very powerful example for docs and hospitals about the need for honest, unfettered discussions – and no, litigation is NOT an excuse not to have these discussions.   Time for the lawyers to be quiet and let the docs talk! 

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– Doug

GeneralJames Harper