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Making Disclosure A Reality For Healthcare Organizations 

Online Disclosure Training Courses from Sorry Works! & The Sullivan Group

TSG logo with arc RGB blueSorry Works! has proudly partnered with The Sullivan Group to produce and market online disclosure training courses for front-line staff and leadership. Your staff will learn how to:

  • Empathize and stay connected with patients/families post-event without prematurely admitting fault.
  • Stay connected with patients and families post-event.
  • Resolve complaints big and small in a fair manner to all stakeholders.

Our online courses include:

  • Fundamentals: Communication and resolution cases, videos, checklists, and much more
  • Empathy Post-Event: Exploration of empathy's effect on families and yourself post-event
  • "Just-in-Time:" 12-minute video covering the basics for new staff or current staff who need a quick refresher before talking with a patient or family.

All courses are CME-accredited and a learning management system allows you to track the usage and test scores of your staff.

For more information, you can view this webinar link which more fully explains the Sorry Works!-Sullivan Group courses. To schedule a free demo of our on-line courses, simply respond to this e-mail ( or call 618-559-8168.

We look forward to hearing from you!