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Update on NPDB/State Medical Boards Proposal

Thu, May 3, 2012

Update on NPDB/State Medical Boards Reform ProposalThe campaign is off to a great start by receiving our first two sponsorships.  Our new gold sponsor ($2,500) is Rick Jackson, CEO of Jackson Healthcare, one of the nation’s largest and fasting growing healthcare staffing companies.  Our new silver sponsor ($1,000) is Dr. Jeff Segal, CEO of Medical Justice, a membership-based organization that offers proven services and proprietary methods to protect physicians’ most valuable assets – their practice and reputation.  We greatly appreciate Rick and Jeff’s support…their funds are being used to start a long overdue discussion on reforming the NPDB and state medical boards, especially in light of the growing disclosure movement.

We need more sponsors.  Can you help us with a donation?  Click on this link here.

Here’s another way you can help:  We need to be connected with legislative people at the federal and state level.  Warm introductions are the best help to us.  Our contact information to share in those "warm introductions" is or 618-559-8168.

Finally, we have received a lot of feedback concerning the proposal, including some constructive criticism.  These critiques have helped us sharpen the proposal.  Same guts, just a lot better narrative.  The new, updated proposal can be found here.

Let’s keep this ball rolling.




DougWojcieszak, Founder, Sorry Works!