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Reform NPDB and State Medical Boards - New Sorry Works! Campaign

Sorry Works! Launching New Campaign to Reform NPDB and State Medical Boards This is more important than apology laws --- way more important!

Sorry Works! is officially launching a new campaign to reform the NPDB and State Medical Boards in light of the quickly growing disclosure movement.  Why?  Because the NPDB and State Medical Boards are proving to be impediments to disclosure by punishing clinicians who do the right thing post-event.  We believe clinicians who disclose and apologize for medical errors should not be punished by federal and state regulators -- it's only fair! Through this campaign we want to raise awareness and build support for much-needed reforms -- and we need your help!  We need you to join the cause and make a donation to support these reform efforts.

Here is the link for our reform campaign's white paper:

As a short summary, clinicians who currently disclose are usually reported to the databank (unless there is corporate shield or rapid disclosure) and are basically listed in the same manner as clinicians who don't disclose.  However, even with corporate shield or quick settlements, state medical boards often must be notified of paid claims and disclosing clinicians can be easy targets for state regulators.  Reputations can be ruined and licenses impacted even when docs do the right thing post-event.

Under our proposal, clinicians who disclose and apologize and the disclosure meeting is certified by the patient/family will have their closed claims put in a special disclosure category at the NPDB not viewable by hospital and insurance administrators.  Furthermore, clinicians who disclose and apologize (as certified by the patient/family) will not be punished by their state medical board.  However, reckless behavior as defined by the Just Culture Algorithm will not be shielded at the federal or state level, and only two cases over a rolling ten-year period will be eligible for the program (exceeding the number of cases will result in all cases being made available for viewing).  This proposal will not be a shield for incompetent or reckless clinicians.  Indeed, we want to preserve and strengthen the ability of the NPDB and state medical boards to expose and punish truly incompetent and reckless clinicians.

Sorry Works! believes this proposal will help not only the disclosure movement by removing major fear factors but also by encouraging & facilitating more real disclosure meetings between patients, families, and clinicians.  Regulatory processes should encourage - not hinder - disclosure and honesty. Disclosure meetings are the most important thing that can happen post-event.....all sides receive closure and medicine improves by learning from mistakes.

We will need support at the federal and state level to make these much needed reforms a reality.  This will be a focused yet flexible campaign.  Focused on reforming the NPDB and state medical boards, but flexible enough to incorporate new/different ideas as the campaign proceeds along.  Join us!  Support us with a donation!

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