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Making Disclosure A Reality For Healthcare Organizations 

Kaci Hickox, Formerly of Doctors Without Borders, on the Disclosure Documentary Movie

This week we are hearing from Kaci Hickox. Some of you may know or remember Kaci....she is a former nurse for Doctors Without Borders who tested negative for Ebola, but was still quarantined against her will at the height of the Ebola scare and later sued Governor Chris Christie. Hickox's battle was featured in the Time Magazine edition which named Ebola fighters as the "Person of the Year." She hopes to return to working in public health issues and patient safety. Hickox recently viewed the Disclosure Documentary and wanted to share the following with our readers: "My husband and I sat down and watched the Full Disclosure documentary tonight and I remain at a loss for words. This important healthcare and legal issue of full disclosure is presented in such an eloquent, artistic, and humanistic way that I am left both in awe of those who are the forefront of this battle for quality healthcare and compassion, and yet also hurting at the knowing that it is still the exception to the rule in so many healthcare organizations today.

I would love to be involved in this work in any way possible in the future. I plan on showing this documentary to my team of Educators for my healthcare system in the hopes that we always remember the importance of communicating to patients and encouraging honesty, transparency, and caring in the face of a system filled with human error. I am so thankful for all of the advocates like you!

Amazed and Inspired, Kaci Hickox

We thank Kaci for sharing her strong endorsement.  We encourage you and your colleagues to consider purchasing a copy (or several copies!) of the Disclosure Documentary. A copy of the film is only $29.99 per unit --- to order click on this link.