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Disclosure Documentary Now $29.99 Per Copy

flyerThe documentary, "Full Disclosure, The Search for Medical Error Transparency," produced by Lawrence and Steve Kraman and marketed by Sorry Works! is now priced at $29.99 per copy. By ordering the documentary through the Sorry Works! website you can either pay with credit card or be invoiced -- the choice is yours. At $29.99 per copy, this documentary is priced right for everyone and every organization. Plus you get both the 90-minute theatrical version and the 47-minute academic version. To order the film now, click on this link. Quotes for bulk purchases to provide the film to your entire medical staff or all of your insureds can be obtained by e-mailing Please include 1. your name and the name of your organization; 2. your title/role and 3. your e-mail address. You can also call 618-559-8168 for additional information.

The documentary is also available as part of the Sorry Works! Tool Kit. Priced at $49.99 per unit, the Tool Kit includes both versions of the film, the Sorry Works! Tool Kit Book (which is the blue print for your disclosure program), the Little Book of Empathy, and Pocket Notes. The Tool Kit -- including the documentary -- is everything you need to start your disclosure program.

Again, to order the film by itself or as part of the Tool Kit, please click on this link.