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October 25, 2011Doug Wojcieszak, Founder & Spokesperson Contact phone/e-mail address: 618-559-8168;

FIGHTING TRIAL LAWYER ADS WITH LOVE AND SORRY This is a great story to share...

Signature HealthCARE, a large chain of assisted living and long- term facilities, was recently targeted in newspaper ads by trial lawyers. Well, trial lawyer advertising is not new, but the way Signature responded is!

See below -- I won't say anymore because Signature VP Andrew Smith says it best....see below.

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Fighting Greed and Fear with LOVE Posted on October 11, 2011 by Andrew Smith, VP, Signature HealthCARE

We're trying something new and slightly revolutionary this week. As many of you know, trial lawyers have targeted nursing homes in several states (including Kentucky and Tennessee), even going so far as to troll for plaintiffs by posting "Doom and Gloom" full page ads in local newspapers accusing us of everything but terrorist activity.

After hearing from an impassioned administrator whose home was targeted recently, we got inspired to tell "our side of the story." Rather than trying to out-lawyer the lawyers or rebutting them point- by-point, we wanted to tell people the truth about WHY we do what we do, and to do it in a way that is consistent with our values of humility, integrity, and most of all...LOVE. This is our response ad, which will run in the Mt. Vernon, KY Signal on Thursday.

Title: LOVE

A letter from Rockcastle Health and Rehabilitation to the community of Brodhead

Nobody chooses to work in a nursing home for money, for glory, or for power. We do this because we love it and because we believe that taking care of our elders is some of the most meaningful and important work imaginable.

Recently, someone took out a full page newspaper ad saying some not- very-nice things about us. This is not the first time they done it. In fact, they take out similar ads all around the country and make their money by playing on people's fears.

We know we aren't perfect. But we are honest and hardworking, and we are striving to get better. If we do something wrong, we pride ourselves on admitting it and saying "We're sorry."

I would personally like to invite you to come visit us and see the changes we're making at Rockcastle Health and Rehab. If you can't make it to our facility, we'd love to hear from you on our website at or via phone. My cell phone number is 606- 308-5813. You may even know someone who works at Rockcastle Health and Rehab. If you do, ask them what we're all about.

To our residents and their families, we want to say that we love you. If we've fallen short of your expectations in any way or done something to upset you, please know that we're sorry. And please feel free to schedule a time for us to talk. I promise that we will try to make it right.

Taking care of your loved ones is a sacred duty, and we want you to know how seriously we take it.


David Dickerson, Administrator Rockcastle Health & Rehabilitation Center 371 Main Street Brodhead, KY 40409 (606) 758-8711

This makes me very proud of Signature: of the entire Rockcastle team, starting with David Dickerson, the administator whose passion inspired the ad; of our general counsel Sandra Adams, whose boldness and visionary thinking makes it possible for us to have a voice like this; of Chris Cox, the rural segment COO who felt this was important enough to spend money on; of Todd and Ben, who poured their creativity into the ad; of Dianne Timmering and the Spirituality pillar, who "lit the path" with their call for unconditional love; and of our CEO Joe Steier, who leads with his heart and has built an entire corporate culture on the firm foundation of Love.

Most of all, I am proud of our frontline stakeholders - the CNAs, nurses, housekeepers, dietary workers, and managers who make Signature such a unique and wonderful place.