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Confidential Med-Mal Settlements?

A study was recently released by Dr. Bill Sage, MD/JD on confidentiality agreements in medical malpractice settlements. Sage's study provides numbers/statistics to a widely known practice in med-mal agreements. However, the summary of the study also says with disclosure becoming more prevalent, hospitals and insurers should re-consider their settlement practices. I have had several attorneys (both defense and plaintiffs) say that confidentiality agreements are simply another "check box" on the way to settlements. It's simply a habit or common behavior that many people don't really think about -- but needs to be thought about now!

As you design your disclosure program, think about confidentiality clauses in your settlement documents. The whole point of disclosure is to talk about stuff...not just with patients and families, but also among clinicians. It's how we heal and learn. In the new Sorry Works! Tool Kit Book, we say that you should approach all settlements with the mind-set that all cases will remain open for people to talk about (unless there is a really good reason to close a case). The Tool Kit Book (which can be purchased separately or part of the kit) provides a lot of practical advise on how to design, develop, and sustain your disclosure program. For ordering information, click on this link.

Here is the link to Dr. Sage's study, and here are recent blog postsfrom Sorry Works! on confidentiality agreements, including an article where a hospital required a family to sign a confidentiality agreement before the hospital's leadership would talk with the family!