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MAG Mutual Foundation Donates $15K to Sorry Works! for Research Project

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The Mag Mutual Foundation, Inc, which was established and funded by the PolicyOwners of MAG Mutual Insurance Company, has made a $15,000 donation to Sorry Works, a 501c3 non-profit organization, to support the research project entitled, "What are medical schools teaching about disclosure and apology for medical errors?"  We are excited about this donation, and sincerely appreciate the financial support and friendship of MAG Mutual.  Thank you, MAG Mutual. 

Background on our research project: The next generation of doctors needs to be taught disclosure and apology.  However, there have been no studies or surveys of what is being taught about disclosure in medical schools. There are some medical schools that are incorporating disclosure and apology into their curriculum, but we need to understand and measure what is being taught, identify best practices, and develop recommendations for a uniform curriculum.  We will draft and refine our survey this fall, and mail/e-mail the survey to America's 175 medical schools in the Spring (2020).  Our results will be published in a peer-reviewed journal as well as disseminated through trade and popular news publications.    

We are also seeking funding for two additional research projects: 1) survey/measure what is being taught about disclosure and apology in residency programs; 2) measure the understanding and feelings of medical boards towards disclosure and apology.  We have grant applications in the pipeline for these two projects, but, if you know additional sources of money from foundations, companies, or private individuals please let me know.  My contact information is and 618-559-8168. 

Again, thank you to our friends at MAG Mutual and we will keep everyone posted on our research efforts.


- Doug 

Doug Wojcieszak, Founder and President 
Sorry Works! 
618-559-8168 (direct dial) 

Doug Wojcieszak