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"Bleed Out"....must-see movie for disclosure movement

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"Bleed Out," an HBO documentary that chronicles a family's 10-year fight against medical errors, has been making the rounds since late 2018.  I saw some of the media stories and the trailer, but, in my crazy, chaotic life style, watching this movie didn't percolate to the top of my "to do" list.  In early August a physician friend strongly encouraged me to watch the movie.  "Bleed Out" was now on my list, but I had just returned from our family vacation and our kids (age 13 and 10) were getting ready to head back to school.  Finally, two nights ago I carved out 90 minutes while my son stayed up late completing a home work project.   

I confess...I should have watched this movie when it was released in late 2018.  Bleed Out is captivating and such an incredibly powerful story, especially for the disclosure movement.  A major theme in the movie and ongoing work for this family is advocacy for disclosure & apology. 

Steve Burrows was a regular guy, a comedian living in LA, when his mom in Milwaukee broke her hip which was followed by a seemingly never ending stream of errors, leading to brain damage and disability, a mountain of medical bills, and a long legal fight with the hospital.  I will leave it at there for those who have not seen the documentary so as not spoil it.  But trust have to watch it. 

And when you watch this incredible movie think about how much this fight cost the hospital system, not just in legal bills but in horrible publicity.  Burrows' documentary made the hospital and their representatives look like a bunch of buffoons.  And then ask yourself where are the weaknesses in your system -- legal department?  claims?  elsewhere?  -- that might lead your hospital or nursing home down the same path.   

Powerful sure to watch "Bleed Out." 


- Doug 

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