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Taking Sorry Works! Message Beyond Med-Mal To Corporate World, Non-Profits, and Others...

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Over the years I have had plenty of colleagues, friends, and "fans" of Sorry Works! suggest that our message should be taken beyond med-mal.   People have said that business professionals and others (non-profits, etc) need to learn about Sorry Works!  I agree.  The trick, however, has been finding the right partner, until now.  See below for a press release announcing a partnership between myself and Dr. Jennifer Thomas, co-author of the Five Love Languages book, "When Sorry Isn't Enough."  Jennifer and I will be doing joint presentations and training seminars to teach empathy and apology to business audiences.  Please share this message with your friends and colleagues, especially those outside our world of med-mal. 


- Doug

Dr. Jennifer Thomas, Co-author of Five Love Languages brand book “When Sorry Isn’t Enough” and Sorry Works! Mr. Doug Wojcieszak To Partner on Presentations, Training Seminars
IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                OCTOBER 29, 2019
CONTACT: Jennifer Thomas 336-254-4325
                  Doug Wojcieszak 618-559-8168
NEWS….Corporations, businesses, associations, and non-profits will now be able to schedule joint presentations and training seminars on apology and reconciliation from two leading apology experts: Dr. Jennifer Thomas and Mr. Doug Wojcieszak. 
“We are excited to be teaming up to provide training sessions and presentations for large businesses and associations.  It’s important to teach apology and empathy to corporations and their employees as well as associations and their members.  We intend to bring our joint message to a wide audience,” said Jennifer Thomas, PhD, co-author (with Gary Chapman) of the Five Love Languages brand book “When Sorry Isn’t Enough.”
“For years I have been advocating for and teaching apology to doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.  I am pleased to be joining forces with Jennifer Thomas to bring the message of apology to larger, more general audiences.  If apology can help doctors be ethical and reduce lawsuits following fatal or crippling medical errors, imagine what it can do for the corporate world” stated Doug Wojcieszak, Founder and President of Sorry Works!
Jennifer Thomas is a PhD clinical psychologist who is a best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and leadership consultant who is one of a handful of approved presenters for Gary Chapman’s #1 New York Times bestselling book series, “The Five Languages.”   Thomas and Chapman co-authored the book, “When Sorry Isn’t Enough…Making Things Right with Those You Love.”   Thomas’ personal website can be found at
Doug Wojcieszak lost his oldest brother to medical errors in 1998 and the hospital attempted to cover up their mistakes.  The family successfully sued the hospital and a few years later Wojcieszak launched Sorry Works! to teach medical professionals how to apologize after medical errors.  Sorry Works! has been become the leading advocacy and training organization for apologies after medical errors. Wojcieszak has trained thousands of healthcare, insurance, and legal professionals.  The Sorry Works! website is
“We believe our joint message and training philosophies can help businesses and their employees be more accountable to their customers and each other when something goes wrong,” said Thomas.  “We will show people how to communicate authentically even when faced with the most troubling situations.”
“I look forward to sharing true stories of both failed and successful apologies. Our audiences will see the enormous business-preserving potential for apologies in their organizations,” said Wojcieszak. “We are going to bring a powerful message to our audiences that can be actionable.”
For more information on the services provided by Jennifer Thomas and Doug Wojcieszak or to schedule a presentation or training seminar please contact Jennifer Thomas at 336-254-4325 or or Doug Wojcieszak at 618-559-8168 or


Doug Wojcieszak