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Help Doug Wojcieszak of Sorry Works! Decide His Next Career Move...

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Over the years I have been asked, "Is Sorry Works! your full-time job?"  Not exactly. 

I have been self-employed for 14 years and Sorry Works! has been part of my self-employment portfolio.  However, about two-thirds of my self-employment work has included different forms of litigation support on a variety of cases, from RICO class-action and wrongful death to sexual assault on a college campus, defamation, and several others.  

I have been working on a huge case for the last four years that is coming to a close soon, and I now get to decide where I want my career to go from here.  And I am asking for your help, ideas, connections, and anything else you can offer me. 

Of course, I will continue working in Sorry Works!  Our group became a 501c3 non-profit last year, and we are working to build the non-profit Sorry Works!  But, I need more to keep the lights on. 

I have always thought about "officially" working somewhere in the healthcare or insurance world, perhaps in risk, claims, patient experience, or other areas.   

Here are my skills sets:

  • I have successfully advocated for major cultural change in healthcare, insurance, and legal circles.

  • I am an expert in what happens to patients, families, and clinicians after adverse medical events, and have consulted countless risk and claim managers, attorneys, clinicians, and patients and families.

  • I love giving a speech...boy, do I know how to talk in front of a crowd.  I've delivered over a thousand presentations during the last 13 years.  Hand me the mic and turn me loose. 

  • I also love to write...I've published books, booklets, and countless blog posts and e-newsletters. Writing is the best mind game in town!

  • I know how to market, including designing and building websites and using social media. Sell, sell, sell...

  • I have a MS in Biology, love technical concepts, and thrive at communicating geeky stuff to lay audiences.

  • I excel at litigation support...investigative work, discovery, depo preps, reviewing motions, and poking holes in the opposition. 

  • I am 47 years old, and a handsome devil! 

    That's me. What do you think?  What's a good career move for me?  Do you have contacts, or even positions you know about?  Please e-mail me at or call 618-559-8168.

    Thank you for your help, and please forward this to colleagues!


    - Doug

    Doug Wojcieszak, Founder
    Sorry Works!

Doug Wojcieszak