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Wrong Testicle Removed Leads to Lawsuit --- Why?

Recently a story hit the news wires/Internet stating that a Pennsylvania man had the wrong testicle removed during a surgery, and four years later a jury found the surgeon negligent and awarded $870K.  Here is a link to the story published by the Washington Post.

Why was this case litigated?  Why is any wrong-side surgery case litigated?  Seriously. Talk about a prime candidate for disclosure, apology, and early offer compensation. 

Now, I know that thanks to disclosure there are many wrong-side surgeries, other "'never events," and other cases that are truly black & white which are disclosed and resolved in a quick and fair manner. But this Pennsylvania case is a reminder of the work that remains to be done.  The good word has definitely not been embraced in every corner of medicine, insurance, and the defense bar.  We have to keep advocating for disclosure, and training medical, insurance, and legal professionals.  To this end, consider having Sorry Works! provide a Grand Rounds or staff presentation for your hospital or nursing home.  Sorry Works! talks are CME/CE accredited and will help your staff understand how to empathize and stay connected with consumer post-event without prematurely admitting fault.   For more information, call 618-559-8168 or email

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- Doug

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Doug Wojcieszak