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New Sorry Works! Website -- check us out!!

Sorry Works! has launched a new website...same address as always -, but much, much nicer. The new website is cleaner and not cluttered (like our old site), and is mobile friendly.  Also, as you can see, we have a new e-newsletter format and our social media (FB, Twitter) and blog are formatted to match the new website. 

Revamping the website was the first, major step in transitioning Sorry Works! to a non-profit organization. One of the major projects for the non-profit Sorry Works! will be educating the public (patient/family population) about the disclosure movement. So, there will be many new people coming to Sorry Works, and I thought it was important for us to put our best foot forward with a new website. The patient/family education campaign will launch no later than mid-May.   Stay tuned.

So, check us out, consider visiting our new on-line store, purchase some content, and financially support our mission.   


- Doug

Doug Wojcieszak, Founder, Sorry Works! -- 618-559-8168 (direct dial) 

Doug Wojcieszak