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Did The Doctor Make A Mistake?


Did the Doctor Make a Mistake?

No one has taught or informed patients and families what to do after a potential medical error, other than offering flippant advice to find a good lawyer.  But that's about to change with the new book "Did the Doctor Make a Mistake?"  This is the book to help patients and families navigate healthcare and their lives after a potential medical error.  This economical and quick reads covers the entire gamut of scenarios for patient and families, from a mistake happened and the doctors want to disclose and apologize, to something went wrong and the doctors and staff run away, and what should the patient or family do about it.  The book even provides thoughts on how to find a good lawyer, and what you can do if you don't receive disclosure and apology and aren't successful filing a lawsuit.  The book covers it all and will be a tremendous aid to patients and families struggling with the worst moments of their lives.  

Sorry Works! Downloadable Flyer for Patients and Families
Facing Possible Medical Errors

This is a "cheat sheet" for patients and families facing the worst moments of their lives.  It's yours to download for free and share with others.  The flyer is a summary of highlights from our new book "Did the Doctor Make a Mistake?" which is available as an e-book and also available in hard copy format.  The book is a quick and economical read that helps patients and families navigate life after a possible medical error,  including what disclosure and apology can mean for them.